Run With Me

by Sam Melden

Today was the 7th half marathon I’ve completed. And they’ve all been incredible experiences.

There are really two groups of people on a marathon course. Runners and spectators. Now, I want to be clear, I am so thankful for all those who come and cheer me on during a race. It's wonderful!

In the end, the feeling that is shared between those who ran and those who watched is much different. Those who raise their mug and eat orange slices and wipe sweat from their face share a feeling of joy and collective accomplishment. No matter who finished first, how much someone trained, at the finish line it doesn't matter. What matters for this group is that we all ran together and achieved what we set out to do.

I can't help but think about these two groups when it comes to this other race I'm currently running. Running for office isn't just for those on the ballot. And certainly, in 2017, we've all just been reminded that democracy isn't a spectator sport.

I don’t need you to watch me run.

I need you to run with me.

And here’s what I know: when that last vote is counted and this campaign is successful, the feeling of joy and elation will be ours to share… because we ran together.

Instead of watching, you decided to get involved. You emailed the campaign and asked how you can help. You donated. You called your friends. You knocked doors and helped register new voters. It all added up and in the end, you weren't on the outside of the course boundary sipping coffee, wishing me the best... you were with me. We did it together.

I'm running for office because I care about our city, all of our neighbors and our future together. If you do too, run with me. You can start today.