"Laborare Est Orare"

by Sam Melden

It’s printed right there on our seal. The seal of the City of Toledo carries the phrase “Laborare Est Orare” or “work is to pray.” Those words, adopted as our motto at the founding of our city, make up our collective legacy. Our history and our future. Toledo comes from, and was built by working people. And today, it’s working people that make up the grit and strength of our community. I just want to say, I’m thankful for it.

I’m thankful for hardworking men and women, praying with their hands and hearts, their muscles and their minds, every time they show up.

Working to educate children in our schools,
Working to create world-class, iconic vehicles that safely get us where we need to go,
Working to pave streets, clean up after a storm, and treat our drinking water, 
Working to construct buildings we all count on every day,
Working to patrol the block to keep us safe,
Working to care for patients in their greatest moment of need,
Working to stop a fire and still respond to every single call,
Working to pack our food safely, and stock the grocery shelves nightly, 
Working to build bridges that connect neighbors and families,
Working to make sure the bus shows up on time, and that anyone can catch a ride…

Working for the kind of community that so many of us are praying for.

To all the working men and women who are celebrating Labor Day today… Thank you!

Today we celebrate you, Happy Labor Day!