Draw the Circle Wide

by Sam Melden

On this Independence Day I’m thinking about big, wide circles. 🎇

Recently at church we sang a song called “Draw the Circle Wide” - and it stopped me in my tracks.

It’s a simple song. The melody is beautiful, and the words are easy to catch and remember.

It goes like this:

Draw the circle wide.
Draw it wider still,
Let this be our song
No one stands alone!
Standing side by side,
Draw the circle,
Draw the circle wide.

As it was in my head the rest of the day I thought about the simplicity of its message. The true message of love….

Wider still...

No one stands alone...

Side by side...

Draw the circle wide...

What does this have to do with the 4th of July? This song reminds me of what is best about our country. On our best day, we draw wide circles. We build big tables and throw huge parties with room for everyone to join.

So, tonight, when I’m watching the fireworks in the sky, or even the reflection of that light in the eyes of my daughters, I’ll be looking for those explosions that turn into big, wide circles.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend with your friends, family and community. And I hope you all stand together, side by side, drawing the circle wide. Happy 4th! 🇺🇸