Two Lessons

by Sam Melden

Almost from day 1, the Democratic presidential candidates bragged about their civility with one another. Compared to the Republicans, acting like school boys on the playground, they were upstanding citizens here to “talk about the issues.”

Just a few months later the Republicans are having meetings aimed at compromise. They have hopes for a united front. And it’s the Democrats fearing a drama-filled convention that only increases the perception of a divided party.

A few take aways…

Lesson one: The bare minimum isn’t a trust worthy metric to measure success. It will turn on you and ask for more. As it should.

Think about this: The Democrats were bragging about not calling each other names? What a high bar. Why not celebrate actually showing up to the debate too?

Lesson two: Define yourself by who you are, not who you aren’tI recently read, “Who you aren’t isn’t interesting” - I love that line, it is so true.