A Call From...

by Sam Melden

Why am I doing this? Why start a podcast? While the first Episode with Kevin was meant to share the thoughts behind this project, I wanted to share a bit more here.

First a few beliefs I have.…

I believe that when each of us, based on our own desires, the noblest of our self interests, begin to offer up that work, that creation, that company, that organization, that song or poem or sermon. When we decide to take the next leap, to have that difficult conversation, run for office, quit our job to stay home with our kids or pick ourselves up and find a job to take care of our kids… the place from which we do those things is often very similar to what leads our neighbor as well. We have more in common than we know. And wherever we are working together, for the collective benefit, for the common good, that’s where I want to be. And that’s the type of conversation I want to have. Talking about what moves us all ahead, together.

I also believe that “Why?” is a better question than “What?” And, so often, we settle for the what. Details are interesting, and certainly helpful markers as we walk the path, but for me, with this project, I want to go a bit deeper and explore with some different questions.

So, why a podcast? Two questions and another belief…

Seth Godin asks 2 questions when starting something new I find extremely challenging and helpful. 1) Is it Generous? 2) Can it fail? - I hope this is a generous endeavor. I simply want to document these conversations I often find myself in and share them and watch them grow into new and deeper connections and ideas for more people around me. That sounds quite exciting. And, of course… I know this could fail. I’ve failed at a podcast before.

Also, I believe technology is a tool to serve our greatest goals and deepest desires. So, I asked myself, how can technology help me share conversations? There are many different options. What I have in “A Call From…” is the simplest and most sustainable option for me. I’m not an audio engineer, I don’t have a studio and I know just enough about Garage Band to be dangerous. A few friends helped me with the intro & podcast set up and now I can take it from here. Record phone calls, ask good questions, share the conversations. Pretty simple.

You can find A Call From here on iTunes. Or here on Soundcloud

Thanks for taking a chance with me. I hope you enjoy.

PS - I spent a few minutes on launch day live streaming on FB to talk about it… You can watch that here.