The Opposite Of Bad

by Sam Melden

The opposite of bad leadership isn’t anything other than good leadership. Let’s say that differently… The opposite of bad leadership… is good leadership. Nothing else gets you there.

In a tough environment, only good leadership will do.Fear will try to coax you toward the safe play, telling you not to risk the chance of failure, don’t show yourself to be incapable. And in fact, those fearful moments are the ones that matter the most. That place or conversation or conflict that every leader deals with where our chest gets tight and our blood speeds up.

And it is in that moment, that the opposite of bad leadership is not staying quiet so no one disagrees. It is not walking away, dodging around or shrinking down.

In that moment, the opposite of the behavior you may be tempted toward, is good leadership. Where you don’t ignore your role, your call, or your task. You simply step up and do the next right thing. The fear is set aside and you take the right step forward.

So often, it seems as if people are running businesses, parenting their children, interacting with donors and implementing public policy based on what they think will not be bad, rather than considering what is good.

Good is what matters. Good should be our goal. Trying to not be bad won’t work. Actually, trying not to be something is never a good idea.