One Of The Highest Forms Of Love

by Sam Melden

On my run Saturday afternoon I listened to the latest episode of “On Being” and wound up crying. Crying while running - bad idea. John Lewis spoke with a deeply humble voice full of real life experience that calls his listener directly toward love.

Hearing his stories of being a young man in civil rights marches will arrest you. And, once he has you, sitting there completely in awe of what a life of light can realize (and what a life of darkness can inflict), then he reminds you of the reason… love. Pure, simple, courageous, bold & determined, planned & orchestrated love.

It was good to be reminded of love. Lewis took a few detours in the interview to make sure we don’t buy the popular concept of a soft & passive emotion we are often presented. No, the love he refers to is strong. Like a march toward danger, it looks the offender in the eye and sees humanity over evil. It drives out fear and calls us all toward our best selves. It creates “a non-violent revolution” and we can’t afford to lose sight of it. So, today, of all days… this love is worth thinking about.

Sit with it, let it motivate & change you. Walk with John Lewis as he shows us one of the highest forms of love.