A Song For New Year's Eve

by Sam Melden

This is the song for New Year’s Eve. I’ll listen to it 50-60 times, let it pull me through 2014 and into 2015… its perfect.

I picture people raising their glass to the days and months passed as the ball drops.

I love the image of that insect. (At least he went out on a high note.)

I share the desire of “simple things.” Man, “till what I want & what I need can finally be the same.”

The way the music throws you into the reality of time slipping through fingers when you realize “it won’t bow to your demands.”

So, take it in. I hope it works for you as you close out 2014. Reflect on your last year, think through the heights and depths you experienced… sit with them. And remember, “if it seems like an accident, a collage of senselessness, you weren’t looking hard enough.”