A Call From... Toby Hoover

by Sam Melden

Today I got a call from Toby Hoover. Toby has been working tirelessly in the fight against gun violence for over 40 years. She founded the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence and has proven to be synonymous with this fight in the Toledo region. I have enjoyed getting to know her so much over the past few months. She is one of the most passionate people I know and she energizes me in my interest in working toward a more peaceful world. While the topic is intense, we even played a game at the end! In “Did You Know _____ about gun violence in Ohio?” Toby helps us understand some of the lesser known realities of gun access and rights in our state. And, at the end, she talks about what makes a “good guy” and what makes a “bad guy.”

Also, please hop over to Facebook and check out our event “Guns to Gardens” happening on October 29th. I would love to see you there.