A Call From... Joel Shenk

by Sam Melden

Today I got a call from Joel Shenk. Joel is the pastor at Toledo Mennonite Church. As we move forward with this podcast about exploring the common good, it was important to me to begin to incorporate faith leaders into the conversation. There are people all over the city who lead congregations of many kinds and encourage and challenge them to be about the “good of their city.” This is Joel. In this episode he shares some of the different experiences that made him consider this profession and, he shares a few stories from his congregation and the work they do in our city.

(Also, until this point I have been posting two episodes a week, and while it was fun to pair up different conversations that played off one another, I am looking forward to talking more about other “common good” issues at the end of each episode. So, as they become a bit longer I am going to try to release one per week. Then we can have one conversation with more focus. Also, make sure to listen all the way to the end. Thanks!)