A Call From... Andy Stuart

by Sam Melden

Today I got a call from Andy Stuart. When I think about clean and safe drinking water I don’t know if I can think of a better visual for the common good that clean and safe water available to all. We all need it, all the time, every single day. And, in this episode I talk to Andy, Regional Vice President at Cumulus Media and unlikely water expert. Two years ago, through his role as President of Toledo Rotary Andy began working to mobilize Rotarians to learn about and solve our water issues in Northwest Ohio. In this episode we dive into the many facets of this complex problem. We talk about leadership and collaboration and how to figure out a way forward when no one is “in charge.”

And, at the end of the episode I talk about self-awareness as a prerequisite to community involvement and about a few things you can be involved over the next few months in this community. The common good is a group effort, and it will take all of us to move the ball forward.

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