Sam’s vision for Toledo District 5 is centered around investment in safe, strong, sustainable neighborhoods.

Toledo is a great place to live, and we’re in this together, from our homes, our blocks, our neighborhoods, and our district. We want District 5 to be strong now and in the future. Sam knows that strength and resiliency go hand in hand. It’s how we move forward through difficult times, and build for the future. 


Neighborhoods & City Planning

Strong neighborhoods are the heart and soul of our city. Sam supports the creation of long-term plans for neighborhoods, modeled after the city planning that has been focused on the downtown region. A neighborhood plan promotes sustainable economic development and creates a sense of identity for residents — a point of pride that fosters connection between neighbors.


Strong communities need investment in infrastructure. Sam will fight every day to pave streets, seal cracks, and fill those potholes! Access to safe travel for cars, bikes, feet, wheelchairs, strollers and scooters connects Toledoans to opportunities, and each other. A city that flows freely gives way to economic and recreational activity that is to the benefit of all.

Fiscal Responsibility

Sustainable city government means a good return on investment for District 5 residents. You work hard to earn an income and pay taxes, Sam will work hard to keep a watchful eye on the city’s budget and advocate for regional partnerships that make us more efficient and services more cost-effective. Sam will also push back on cuts to local government funding that are happening at the state level. The City of Toledo has had more than $8 million cut from funding between 2010 and 2017 — tax money the State has failed to return to Toledo tax payers. Sam will lead a focused and powerful effort with other large cities to fight for our money to come back.


A strong workforce is — and always has been — the backbone of Toledo. Protecting Toledo’s working families will be a top priority. Sam will support workers’ right to organize, be a vocal opponent of so-called “Right to Work” legislation in any form, and fight 1099 fraud, to ensure our workers’ tax dollars stay in the region. Sam will promote business friendly practices by improving service and responsiveness from city offices as it pertains to inspection and building regulations.

Public Education

The strength of our future is dependent on the strength of our public schools. District 5 is unique as it has many Washington Local and Toledo Public households. As a product of public schools himself, Sam is dedicated to public education and will support the leadership and expertise of both administrations. Sam believes that as Toledo City Council works to invest in neighborhoods where students grow up, our public schools have a better chance to succeed.


Safe, clean, and affordable drinking water must be guaranteed for all Toledoans and a regional approach to the treatment of our water will help us fulfill this promise. We also have to do whatever it takes to sustain the health and vitality of Lake Erie. Sam will work with local advocacy groups, experts, and other elected officials to pursue new and innovative ways to clean up our Lake.


Strong communities ensure all neighbors have opportunities to fully participate. Sam will work hard to create policies which reduce barriers for people with disabilities to participate fully in all that Toledo has to offer. He will be a champion for equity, working to improve our understanding of disability and supporting services needed to achieve independence and inclusion.

Gun Violence

Safe neighborhoods start with safe blocks and safe homes. Sam will partner with police and residents, and support the use of innovative technology to keep an eye on crime, such as newly implemented ShotSpotter technology. Sam will work to collaborate with block watches and the Toledo Police Department to get guns out of the wrong hands. 

Opioid Epidemic

Safe cities provide a support system to help those who are struggling with addiction. Sam will work to leverage city resources and improve access to services for those who need them. Addiction is strongly correlated with other types of crime, and Sam believes in a system that addresses root causes instead of focusing on treating symptoms.