Moving toledo Forward

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Building on the new energy in our city and deep West Toledo pride, Sam Melden is working to be your next District 5 Council Member. Sam has a common sense plan to move Toledo forward by investing in safe, strong, sustainable neighborhoods.


Every Toledoan deserves safety and security. Safety is essential for building a life that is full and productive.

Safe neighborhoods start with safe blocks and safe homes. Sam will partner with police and residents, and use innovative technology to keep an eye on crime. Sam will strengthen block watches and build block parties to celebrate our great neighborhoods.


Resiliency guarantees that what gets knocked down doesn’t stay down. It’s how we move forward through difficult times.

Strong communities need investment in infrastructure. Sam will fight every day to pave streets, seal cracks, and fill those potholes! Sam will work to repair sidewalks to make safe travel easier for neighborhood kids of all ages, and take steps to ensure traffic doesn’t ruin your day.


Moving past survival mode and focusing on the future. We need to create habits and practices now that won’t run our wells dry.

You work hard to earn an income and pay taxes. Sam will work hard to keep a watchful eye on the city’s budget, making sure that District 5 gets a good return on its investment. Sam will also advocate for regional partnerships that make us more efficient and services more cost-effective.