Neighborhood pride

Sam leads a neighborhood bike ride promoting safe bike routes through Toledo.

Sam leads a neighborhood bike ride promoting safe bike routes through Toledo.

Safe, strong, sustainable neighborhoods

Neighborhoods are the heart and soul of our city, and the core focus of Sam’s vision for District 5. Toledo is a great place to live, and we’re in this together, from our homes, our blocks, our neighborhoods, and our district. We want District 5 to be strong now and in the future.

#TeamMelden rolls with lots of kids, one Tucker, and never misses an ice cream break. 🍦


Safety in our neighborhoods takes many different forms. From keeping guns out of the wrong hands, to providing support to help those struggling with addiction, to making sure cars drive safely through neighborhood streets, Sam will work hard to ensure District 5 is a safe place to live for all residents.

Safety is also about connecting with neighbors and encouraging a sense of community trust. Sam will support neighborhood block watches, and promote neighborhood block parties to encourage neighbors to connect in good times and in bad.

First day! 2nd grade, 4th grade... here we go!!!


Strong neighborhoods require investment in infrastructure. Access to safe travel for cars, bikes, feet, wheelchairs, strollers and scooters connects Toledoans to opportunities, and each other. Sam will work hard to pave streets, repair sidewalks, and ensure our public transportation is accessible to all residents.

To keep our neighborhoods strong in the future, Sam recognizes that public education is a top priority and will always support the leaders of our local public schools.



Sustainable city government means that tax dollars work hard for residents and provide a good return on investment for residents. Oversight on spending, long term economic development planning, and using new technology to increase efficiency in city services are all examples of how we can build policies that will sustain the success of our City long into the future.

Sam will also work hard to protect and sustain the vitality of Toledo’s greatest natural resource - Lake Erie. We must ensure Toledoans have access to safe, clean, and affordable drinking water for years to come.


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