Real Issues. Creative Solutions.

Sam is committed to bringing a proactive, creative approach to the issues that face Toledoans today. His voice will be one of innovation and collaboration when on Council. Let's get to work today on the issues that matter! 


Clean, Safe and Affordable Drinking Water

Water is our most valuable resource, and clean, safe and affordable drinking water must be guaranteed for all Toledoans. We need a regional approach to the treatment of our water to ensure affordable drinking water for everyone in Toledo. We also have to do whatever it takes to protect and preserve the health and vitality of Lake Erie. When I am on council I will work with every group, gather experts and never give up on cleaning up our Lake. 

"'We have families living near the water where the parents grew up playing in the water, enjoying the water all summer long, who now as parents won’t let their kids play in the water past July 4th,' Mr.Melden said.

He alluded to a report in The Blade Thursday in which local business leaders didn’t expect a big economic impact from the green slime that cover the water during the heat wave that ended this week.

'There is something else at risk, and that is our children’s childhood experience,' said Melden, who is the father of three small children." - Toledo Blade, 9/28/17

Strong, Organized, Family-Friendly Neighborhoods

If the brain of Toledo is our downtown, then the heart and soul of our city is our neighborhoods. We need strong, organized, and family-friendly neighborhoods for all Toledoans. As an At-Large councilman I will work across district lines to help neighborhoods collaborate and share resources and experience to improve the quality of life for our young families, our seniors and everyone in our city. From Junction to GESU, from Birmingham to Beverly, and from Old Orchard to the Old West End we need to build up and improve our neighborhoods. When I'm on council, we will get started.

"As city council hopeful Sam Melden recently pointed out, there is an uncomfortable distance between downtown dreams and neighborhood realities.

Mr. Melden has called for the city to develop a 20-year plan for neighborhoods, which is a solid idea: Copy the successful planning model that has helped revive Toledo’s business and entertainment districts to boost the parts of the city where most people actually live." Toledo Blade, 10/23/17


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Biking & Infrastructure

So many cities all over the country have acknowledged the value of alternative modes of transportation for economic growth and the retention of young people. We talk a lot about infrastructure in City Government, but when we do we need to be making decisions for our future, not simply playing catch-up on our past. When we talk about roads and streets we need to be mindful of alternative modes of transporation as well. In August I unveiled a version of the popular "Neighborhood Greenways" concept that Toledo could adopt at no cost to increase safe access to cycling for everyone in our City.  


"Toledo needs political leadership with imagination and commitment to public health and the cool factor. Bikes have to be a part of our future, and Mr. Melden has given us a good place to start." - Toledo Blade, 8/31/17

Young Families & OUr Future

I have 3 young children and when I decided to run for City Council my wife and I committed to this being a family affair. And, the truth is we need that same perspective on Toledo City Council. We need council people who see a busted up sidewalk not only as an eyesore, but as a hazard to our littlest citizens learning to ride a bike or taking a walk with their Great-Grandmother. When I'm on City Council I will make every decision with that in mind. It will be a family affair. 



"These are the issues that matter to me, because these are the issues that matter to Toledoans. Visit my endorsement page to see the many individuals and organizations who believe I can bring real solutions to these issues."  - Sam